Meet the Band

Allegra Metcalf — Rocking the vocals, cello, guitar, and ukulele. Allegra had a few false starts with piano lessons as a kid before settling into her groove in her early teens. She picked up guitar a few years later and has since become an avid self-teacher, adding bass, ukulele and cello to her repertoire… and whatever else Rachel throws at her! Allegra loves plants, tea and her two handsome pups, and is enjoying creating the special blend of genres in BTB!


Photo by William ElmerTim Sommer — Covering the essentials with guitar, banjo, harmonica, low whistle, vocals, and bagpipes.  A true renaissance man, Tim’s either adventuring down a river, playing more musical instruments, or encouraging everyone he meets with uplifting words when he’s not manning  his local organic farm with his family.
Support our local farmers by visiting Tim’s website and purchasing his produce at the Boise Farmer’s Market!

Photo by Anna Gorin, www.annagorin.comRachel Sulik — On fiddle, harp, mandolin, and vocals. Her music journey started at eight years old when her mom made her start piano lessons and she discovered she loved it!  When asked what she does for a living, she says “playing and teaching music, and training and riding horses.” When asked what she does for fun, she says the same thing! She can also sometimes be found playing backup music for Revive Church or for Chad and Vashti Summervill with their Irish and easy-listening music endeavors.

Conor Madden — Goat whackery (bodhran), djembe, and cajon. After a college trip through Ireland left him stranded and almost broke outside the Dublin docks with nothing more then a few bucks in his pocket, Conor did the sensible thing and spent those last few coins on a bodhran (a goat-skin frame drum.) After figuring out what to do with said bodhran, Conor added a few more drums to his repertoire and has shared the art of goatskin whacking with audiences over the years whether they asked for it or not.